Our Products

We are an application engineering firm providing solution to application problems of our customer from every kind of industries with various kind of sensors, switches, transmitters, products and equipment's.  

Some of main products includes : 

Sensors and Controllers for Factory Automations

We are pride to be a very old partner of ifm electronic India for their wide range of sensors and controllers....
Position Sensors

* Inductive Proximity Sensors
* Capacitive Proximity Sensors
* Magnetic Proximity Sensors
* Ultrasonic Sensors
* Photo-Electric Sensors
* Products Profiler
* Distance Sensors
* Laser Sensors
* Code Sensors
* 3D Sensors 

Process Sensors

* Air Flow Meters
* Flow Sensors and Meters 
* Pressure Sensors
* Pressure Switches
* Pressure Transmitters
* Temperature Switches
* Temperature Transmitters
* Compressed Air Meters
* Ultrasonic Flow Meters
* Magnetic Flow Meters
* Mechatronic Flow Meters
* Valve position sensors
* Capacitive and Radar Level 

Motion and Condition Monitoring Sensors

* Incremental Encoders
* Absolute Encoders
* Vibration Sensors
* Vibration Switches
* Tilt Sensors

Process Controllers, Electricals and Electronic Products

Electronic Timers and Switches

* Digital Time Switches
* Astronomical Time Switches 
* Digital Temperature Controllers
* Water Level Controllers
* Digital Counters
* Big Size Displays
* Process Indicators

Panel Related Products

* Ferrule Printing Machine
* ID Tagging Machine
* Flexible bus bars
* Switch Mode Power Supplies
* Electro magnetic Relays
* Signal Converters 

Electrical Safety Products 

* Voice hooter
* Voice Aleret System
* LED Hand Lamp
* 24VAC LED Flood Light
* AC Power Distributors
* AC Power Distributors
* Customised Power Distributors







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